2020 Vision by M Owen Clark

Welcome to the website for the award-winning spy thriller 2020 Vision. Please explore my other mad musings on the site, but below is what the book’s about and how to order.

What would you do if you witnessed the end of the world in a dream?

The emotional impact would create such a connection that you couldn’t just ignore it – particularly in the current climate of political unrest in Russia and the Middle East!

Would you report it in, or simply sit on your revelation and hope that it goes away? This is exactly the predicament Sophia Sinclair found herself in after experiencing two of the most profound and prophetic dreams you could imagine.

Set in the UK and the US, 2020 Vision chronicles Sophia’s journey as she strives, alongside her boyfriend Steven Cartwright, to prove that the ‘End of Days’ or an Apocalypse may actually be closer than we think.

What starts as a fact-finding mission soon leads to a global race of espionage and treason, as time starts to run out to prevent the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy.

This twisted tale of love, loss and loyalty ultimately brings into question Sophia’s view on life, authority and finally her faith. For Sophia, her vision of the end, is just the beginning…


2020 Vision is an award-winning espionage novel available at the following places:

• Paperback, signed by the author via Tictail Book Store or Waterstones

• £9.75 Paperback via Amazon

• £0.99p Kindle UK Amazon

• Kindle US Amazon.com

Barnes & Noble in US

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